Our team often receives letters from our customers, so to save your time and not have to wait for an answer, we have prepared the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

1. Is there a fee for posting an article or link?

You will need to pay a fee to post the article or link you want.

2. How long will the link be hosted?

You need to pay a one-time fee for the article and it will be posted forever as long as the Q5.lt page exists.

Link hosting is billed every one year and the fee depends on the plan chosen.

3. How can you stand out from other links?

If you want your link to be in higher positions and to be displayed more often, you should choose a more expensive plan.

4. How many times can a link be evaluated?

You can evaluate the selected link only once.

5. How to post an article?

To host an article, you need to contact the administration by e-mail: info@q5.lt

6. What is the cost of posting an article?

Placing an article on the Q5.lt page costs 5 euros.

7. Are invoices issued for the services?

For each purchase, an invoice is issued for individual activities, excluding VAT.

8. What are the requirements for posting articles?

To place an article on our portal, it should be:

  • Not posted anywhere. (Can't be a duplicate).
  • Content must be at least 300 words.
  • The text must not contain grammatical errors. (We can fix it for an additional fee).
  • Must have at least one illustration. (If you do not have an illustration, we can place a photo from "Istock" for an additional fee of 2 euros.
  • A maximum of 2 references can be used in an article.

9. Why is it worth using Q5.lt services?

Our services are worth using not only for small businesses, but also for large companies, because:

  • You will attract more organic traffic.
  • You will receive visitors from the Q5.lt website.
  • You will receive a link from us "Do Follow".
  • Only unique content is presented on the portal.